Kuji Natsume's Book of Friends ~Nyanko Sensei and Flower Melody~


Prizes Lineup: 

 A prize Nyanko Sensei and bouquet stuffed (3)
 B Award spring color stall (3)
 C Prize reach tote bag (3)
 D Award Nyanko teacher of flower brooch (6)
 E Award stationery Assorted (16)
 F Award flower full of handkerchiefs (15)
 G Award flower of acrylic charm (20)

Last Prize: 1 x Lucky Clover Cushion (To be given to the person who purchased the last Kuji ticket)


*Any shipping TOP-UP will be calculated after the pull (where necessary). International shipping can be arranged. 

【Ichiban Kuji】Natsume Yujincho Nyanko-sensei and Flower Search