Prize line up:

Saniro character kuji total 70ticket

1 prize: Table x2

2/3 prize: My Melody & Cinnamoroll Cushion x1 Kero Kero Keroppi & Hangyodon Cushion x1

4-7 prize: Pochacco chair pad x1 Hangyodon chair pad x1 Kuromi chair pad x1 Wish me mell chair pad x1

8-10 prize: Cinnamoroll cooler bag x3 Kuromi cooler bag x3 Wish me mell cooler bag x3

11-14 prize: yellow face towel x3 Pink face towel x3 Blue face towel x3 Mix Face towel x3

15/16 prize: Blue & pink Folding container x5 Yellow and green Folding container x5

17/18 prize: Tuxedosan roller cleaner x5 Hangyodon roller cleaner x5

19-22 prize: Pochacco Mini tissue case x3 Pom pom purin mini tissue case x3 Kuromi mini tissue case x3 My melody mini tissue case x3

23-25 prize: Hello kitty cup x3 Kero kero keroppi cup x3 Hangyodon cup x3

Last prize : Nap mat x1


*Any shipping TOP-UP will be calculated after the pull (where necessary). 

International shipping can be arranged~

【Sanrio Kuji】Sanrio Character